Commercial Services

How Much Spit And Elbow Grease Does It Take For A Shine This Bright?

NONE, if you call Knipp’s. Protecting the finish on something of value can prolong its life, adding to you or your customer’s satisfaction and increasing its worth over time. We can maintain and enhance most manufactured finish, including: leather, vinyl, cloth, plastic, glass, metal, wood, rubber, and paint. Shining solutions from Knipp’s does enhance the interior and exterior appearance of Aircrafts, Boats, Cars, MotorCycles, RVs, Trucks, Business Facilities, and Homes.

Knipp’s inventories a wide choice of bio-degradable products, supplies, and equipment brands of KPro ERASER, Lexol, Meguiar’s, Menzerna, Sem, SprayTech, Wizards, and etc. including:

E.P.A certified liquid cleaners:

  • Aerosol Products
  • Air & Electric Power Tools
  • Buffing & Polishing Pads
  • Compounds Polishes Waxes
  • Dyes & Paints: Color Renew
  • Flags Pennants Promotional
  • Odor Control Solutions
  • Service Dept Supplies
  • Solvent Cleaners
  • Wash Concentrates
  • Wheel Trim & Hubcaps

Experts In Image Enhancement – Just Ask Our Clients

Experience the difference. Other businesses, dealers, and manufacturers have found that Knipp’s shining solutions get results. We offer free procedure evaluations and product demonstrations, on-site training and seminars, all in the interest of meeting your expectations.


Within 24 hours, we deliver or ship in-stock items. Knipp’s associates have over 50 years of combined experience to offer you on-the-spot advice regarding shining solutions use or application.

Like Discovering The Fountain Of Youth For Things Of Value!

Knipp’s shining solutions are unmatched in enhancing the appearance while prolonging the life of most manufactured surface. We can reverse time to make the finish on your valuable items shine brighter with ease compared to a spit-and-elbow-grease-shine. And that’s a nice reflection on you.